Best Ergonomic Mouse For Wrist Pain: Latest Review Guide (2022)

Are you suffering from wrist pain while using your traditional mouse? Well, this is a very serious matter that affects productivity and should be taken into account immediately.

This article will help you choose one of the best ergonomic mouses for wrist pain. If you are the genuine victim of wrist pain caused by the traditional mouse, I would highly recommend you to go through this article to the end and you will end up finding the best one for you.

You cannot ignore the importance of the mouse as it plays a vital role while using the computer. If your mouse is unable to provide you the comfort, it ultimately results in affecting your potential towards work.

In order to maximize your comfort level, you should search for an ergonomic mouse. Here, you will find the list of the best ergonomic mouses that will perfectly match your hand.

Therefore, let’s have a detailed look at the best ergonomic mouse of the year 2021.

best ergonomic mouse 2022

Editors Review on Best Ergonomic Mouse preventing Wrist Pain- 2022

Take a brief tour below and choose the one that perfectly match your requirements.

1. J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse – Best Ergonomic Mouse Under $30


One of the best ergonomic mouse available out there in the market soo far. It comes with a stunning design that let you feel different touch.


This particular ergonomic mouse seems to have been focused primarily on its design in order to elevate the comfort level of the user.

It’s vertical heighted design gives the feeling of a joystick. While using it, one can feel the comfort just like using the joystick.

With its adaptable design, you can grip it accordingly and move around on the surface smoothly. Furthermore, providing a perfect angle that fits the hand easily. Preventing the strain on the wrist provides comfort.

It’s vertical design leave more surface, so that you can move it around freely.

Hand Orientation:

This mouse is designed to be operated by the right hand, like most of the mouse out there. Also, contains thumb buttons that are easily accessible.

unlike the traditional mouse, this ergonomic is almost controlled by the wrist itself. Thus, continuous movement of wrist results in preventing the pain.

Movement Detection:

The technology that is adapted for the cursor movement detection is optical. It contains outstanding sensitivity management that control the sensitivity of the mouse cursor that ranges between 800, 1200, and 1600 dpi.

Depending upon your requirement, you can adjust the sensitivity level accordingly to the mentioned figures of DPI level.


Functionality buttons are located nearby at the location of the thumb. Therefore, you can easily use these buttons in order to carry out different forward/backward functionalities.

In addition, you can also take advantage of assigning or changing the functionalities of these buttons. All you will be required before doing that is installing the supported versions of drivers or softwares.

It is one of the best choice, if you are looking for the one that can accommodate your needs and provide maximum comfort under this price tag.

  • Best suitable for people with larger hands
  • It allows you to detach the palm rest
  • It helps in preventing the strain on wrist
  • A bit hassy for peoples with small hands

2. Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse – Best Ergonomic Mouse Under $100

Logitech_MX_vertical_wireless ergonomic mouse for wrist pain

Logitech is one of the popular brands out there in computer hardware accessories. Especially, It stands on the top in the list of mice and keyboards. It has released one of the finest mice soo far.


The design of that particular mouse is pretty much acceptable. Scientifically proved to be more comfortable than any traditional mouse out there. Its 57-degree angle body structure boosts up the comfort level and helps in reducing the strain on the wrist.

Because of its design, one can use this mouse in a handshake position with overall no burden on the wrist. Its 57-degree angle shows up with a great impact in terms of preventing muscle strain.

Movement Tracking/Control:

Unlike the traditional mice with 1000 dpi, It comes with a super fast 4000 dpi high precision sensor. Due to which, It requires 4x less hand movement in order to move around the cursor on the screen.

It also allows you to adjust the cursor movement sensitivity level accordingly.

Multiple Navigation:

Logitech MX is not just a PRO in design but also got the potential to deliver with its outstanding features.

With its Logitech flow feature, you can use it with three different devices simultaneously. Moreover, you can copy/paste text, files, and images between them.

Connectivity Medium:

This particular mouse can be connected through multiple mediums such as Wireless, Bluetooth, and USB. All the mediums are reliable and ensure stable connectivity.

Thus, whatever your choice would be, you can choose one of them for connecting your Logitech MX mouse to your computer or a laptop.


All the buttons are placed in the right spot. a scrolling wheel is placed at the middle, easily accessible by the middle finger or forefinger.

Shortcut buttons are placed near to the position of thumb area. Furthermore, Cursor speed button is located at the top that allows you to control the speed of your cursor.


It comes with a rechargeable battery. According to the editor’s experience, a full battery charge can give up to 4 months of durability.

In addition, you can also get 3 hours of power back-up in just 1 min of quick charge.

  • A good design with 57 degree of angle results in reducing muscle pain
  • It can be used with multiple devices simultaneously.
  • High precision sensor with 4000 dpi
  • Shortcuts buttons are placed little bit high

3. Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse – Best Ergonomic Mouse Under $80

Logitech_MX_master_2s_wireless ergonomic mouse for wrist pain

Looking for the ergonomic mouse other than vertical design, then Logitech MX master 2S is available for you under the price tag of $71.8 approximate on Amazon.


It comes with a premium design and builds. Providing a natural muscular strain preventing posture for hand. it’s a slippery build let your hand get fitted according to the mouse structure.

All your fingers along with your thumbs get fitted to the desired buttons places available on the mouse accordingly.

It is crafted in such a way that prevents you from wrist pain and provides maximum level of comfort.

Furthermore, It has got a premium texture at the thumb position area. Overall, provides a good experience with its premium design as well as its incredible features.


It contains 7 buttons in different places with specific functionalities.

Moreover, if you are using different software that allows shortcut keys, then these buttons can really be helpful.

It comes with an adjustable scrolling wheel and it’s speed can be controlled by the small button located behind the wheel. Thus, you can adjust the scrolling wheel speed accordingly.

After handshaking the mouse, all the buttons can be easily approachable by the fingers.

Connectivity Medium:

This particular mouse consists of multiple connectivity options. You can either use it with wired connection by plug in the USB cable that comes with it.

Or, the other one includes wireless connectivity. unlike the traditional wireless USB adapter, It uses Bluetooth connectivity. the Bluetooth operating distance is (10m) confirmed.

Furthermore, It also consists of the dual connectivity feature, like you can connect it up to three devices whether on Windows PC/Laptop or Mac.

Moreover, no need of removing a pair from one device in order to connect to other. You can connect it to multiple devices and can switch between them by pressing the small button located under-side of the mouse.


Every wireless mouse user wants a long-lasting power backup. So is the case for Logitech MX Master 2S wireless, It comes with Li-Po 500 mAh battery.

With editor’s experience, on a single complete charge of a battery provides you a 70 days of frequent power back-up.

Color Availability:

It is officially available in two colors Graphite and Midnight Teal.

  • Long-lasting power back-up
  • Capable of switching between three devices
  • Multiple connectivity options Wired or Bluetooth
  • Perfect Ergonomic design to prevent muscular strain
  • Up to 70 days of power back-up on full charge
  • Used on any type of surface
  • A bit heavy

4. Adesso iMouse E9 Left-Handed Ergonomic Mouse – Best Ergonomic Mouse Under $50

Adesso_iMouse_E9 for wrist pain

Do you want an ergonomic mouse that can be operated by left hand? If so, then Adesso iMouse E9 is the best pick for you for so many reasons discussed below.


This particular mouse is designed vertically in a 50 degree angle based on ergonomic format. It provides a better experience of handshake posture in a natural way.

Helps in reducing the muscular strain, adding extra comfort to forearms by avoiding the twist. Easy to access backward/forward buttons and so forth the other’s.

Hand orientation:

It is specifically designed for a users that are comfortable with left hand.

Tracking Mechanism:

It uses an optical method for precise tracking. Furthermore, you can take an advantage of using this mouse on a multiple surface like wood, glass, leather surface, and marble.

It offers different dpi levels ranges between 800/1200/1600/2400. You can adjust the sensitivity level accordingly up to the mentioned dpi levels. For that purpose, the dpi switch is located next to the position of your thumb.


It comes with a USB-supported wired connection that can be operable and easily plugged into any slot of USB present on your pc laptop. Unlike, USB 3.0 port or other requirements.


It contains all the buttons that are required to perform different functions. Total of six buttons are available on the mouse placed on different positions with easy access.

  • Backward/Forward
  • Left/Right click
  • Scroll Wheel
  • DPI Level

Color Availability:

It is officially available in a Black color with a stunning ice blue LED curve strip that looks awesome when the mouse is connected to a computer.

  • 50 degree vertical ergonomic design
  • High precision tracking with different dpi levels
  • Workable on different surfaces
  • Wired Connectivity Only

5. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse – Best Ergonomic Mouse under $30

Anker_2.4G_wireless_vertical_Ergonomic_mouse for wrist pain

Looking for a something new in design that can maximize your comfort level? Anker 2.4G Wireless deserves to be in the list of the best ergonomic mice out there.


When we talk about ergonomic, we expect something different in design that perfectly match the neutral handshake.

Anker 2.4G Wireless comes makes its way to the market with a such a design that is acceptable scientifically in terms of preventing the wrist pain and increasing the comfort level.

By making a grip on it, you would realize how light weight it is without any extra strain on your forearms. Moveable with a slight force making it pretty easy to work for long hours.

It’s vertical design format allows you to put your two index fingers in curve, unlike on the top position on traditional mice. This particular posture avoids arm twisting that further results in preventing the wrist pain.

Anker 2.4G design is pretty much adaptable and you will be use too in a couple of days with it.

Tracking Mechanism:

It adapts the optical method for tracking movement precisely. Adding some extra features to adjust the sensitivity level accordingly. It includes up to 3 dpi levels ranges between 800/1200/1600 that specifies the sensitivity.

You can simply switch between these dpi levels in order to adjust the sensitivity level accordingly. It can be workable on different surfaces like glass, marble, wood, and leather.

Hand Orientation:

Specifically designed for right hand with no size requirement. It is best suitable for both the larger as well as for small hands. Perfectly designed to accommodate with every size of hand.

Connectivity Medium:

It works wirelessly including the 2.4G wireless adapter. After plug in the USB wireless adapter to PC or laptop, you can turn ON your mouse and it will start making a connection with your computer.

It also consists of power saving feature, After 8 mins of idle interval, It will automatically enters the power saving to avoid utilizing battery. In order to make a wake up call, you will need to press right/left buttons and it will restore back to working mode.


It contains total of six buttons to perform different functionalities.

  • Right/Left Click
  • DPI Switch
  • Scroll Wheel
  • Backward/Forward

All the buttons play a vital role, but the backward/forward adds some extra productivity for the users interacting with web interfaces or somehow might be helpful for games in many ways.

Unlike, moving a cursor to web browser backward/forward buttons, you could use these built-in buttons available on your mouse.


As long as the battery is concerned, It has the slot for 2 AAA 1.5V battery underside of the mouse. A powerful branded batteries can last for a long.

Color Availability:

It is officially available in only one color Black. provides a good decent look with black color and a curve silver strip on the area of thumb adding extra chirm to its look.

  • Battery Saving feature via sleep mode
  • Adaptable Ergonomic design.
  • Oferring up to 3 dpi levels to adjust sensitivity.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Backward/Forward buttons didn’t work on Mac

Buyers Guides

Getting fed up with traditional mice is a normal behavior resulting in wrist pain. In addition, preventing from doing work for long hours. Contrary to this, the best alternative to this problem is finding the best ergonomic mice that could prevent wrist pain and maximize the comfort level.

In order to choose one of the best ergonomic mice available out there, you should take a couple of things into account.



The most important factor to be considered, when choosing an ergonomic mice is the design. How well the design of the particular mouse is crafted in order to avoid arm twisting.

Is it capable of preventing the strain on the forearms and wrist pain?

It should provide the natural posture for hand shaking in order to maintain the comfort level of the user.


Unlike the traditional mouse buttons, it should contains extra buttons to improve the overall functionality in the form of shortcut keys.

All the buttons should be placed at the right spots for easy accessibility according to the perfect ergonomic design.

Tracking Detection

The tracking method should be optical.

It should be capable of hyper-fast precise tracking providing the maximum level of dpi for adjusting the sensitivity.

Furthermore, It can be work efficiently on any type of solid surface.

Connectivity & Power Back-up

The far most important factor is considering the connectivity. Should be able to provide multiple ways of connectivity.

If it is a Bluetooth supportable mouse, then it should be able to function on multiple devices seamlessly. Instead of unpairing it all the time when switching to different device.

Power back-up is yet the most important one, should be capable of providing long-lasting power on a full charge.


Considering the editor’s experience-based reviews on the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain available out there. Consider the best ergonomic mouse from the list that perfectly matches your need.

If you want to go on editor’s choice, then the Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse is the best one among them. But, in the end, the choice is yours, do let us know in the comment section after choosing one from the list.