Best Laptop Headphones with Mic (Latest-2022)

If you are comfortable with using headphones instead of speakers all the time, then you should grab one of the finest laptop headphones that lasts for a long time. This detailed review guide will illuminate the list of the best headphones of all time.

List of Best Headphones mentioned below!

If you have made up your mind to invest in a long-lived product that elevates your comfort level, then go through this detailed article and you will surely end up finding the best pair of headphones for your laptop.

Headphones are more often opted by different peoples

  • Peoples working in Office
  • Student listening to online lectures
  • Live calls via SkypeID
  • Watching movies
  • Listening music

A stuff like that requires headphones most of the times. Most likely when you are surrounded by noisy places and want to avoid the noise and focus on the current situation.

Our goal is to enable you to purchase the best of the best headphones after reading this article. Whether you are an office worker, professional gamer or student, you will find the finest headphones that perfectly match your profession at reasonable price tags.

This review based article consists of a list of both wired/wireless headphones with mic for laptop and PC.

The list contains the top level brands loaded with numerous features. The rest is up to you, which one from the list perfectly matches your requirements as well as your pocket level.

best laptop headphones with mic 2022

Review on Best Laptop Headphones with Mic-Latest 2022

Take a deep dive into the list and find out the best headphones from the list on the basic of detailed review.

1. Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset

Logitech_G_PRO_X_Gaming headphones with mic for laptop

What’s in for you in Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset!


The Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset comes with a premium build including premium earpads that are made up of pure leather. It has an ergonomic design along with premium leather earcups. These earcups can be molded into set of fabric wrapped earpads when required.

The inline mic allows you to have connection with PC. The additional design elements include mic mute switch, a volume controller wheel alongside with a shirt clip.


You can make a connection between your PC and a headphone with a cable, only if your PC holds a seperate headphone and headset jack.

Another way for making a connection with your PC is through an advance technology known as Blue Voice. It helps reducing the noise and provides more clear sound, but requires USB sound card, a Logitech G Hub software and most often a Windows PC.

What is USB Sound Card?

The sound card is a tiny piece of box like thing, pretty much resemblane with USB flash drive. It consists of a headset port at one end and a USB-A connector fabic wrapped cable on the other end.

If you want to leverage from the blue voice technology, then you will have to make a connection using the sound card that requires a Logitech G Hub software. The sound card feature only works with PC.

A 3.5mm connection available on the headset also allows you to connect it to the modern game console and mobile devices with headphone or headset jack.


Microphone performance:

With an extra added features to the microphone, the performance is Superb. Like, if you are using the boom mic, or the inline mic embeded in the fabric wrapped cable provided for mobile, you can experience the best quality sound capturing results from both.

The sound capturing is very much clear, and pure.

Whether you are on a live streaming or making a recroding, you will end up with quality sound.

Music Performance:

If you are a music lover, Logitech G Pro X Gaming can also serve you here with each and every element belonging to music.

It presents different level of frequency and pitch at its best. It’s upto you, whether you like loud music or the moderate one, you can adjust the sound accordingly for perfect bass. It provides the excellent sound quality with stereo audio playing.

While listening to the music, you will find no gap between different elements of music.

  • Premium build with Leather earpads
  • Quality sound alongside with blue voice technology.
  • Bundle of accessories
  • Lack of features for mobile phones

2. Jabra Elite 45H Wireless Headset

Jabra_Elite_45h headphones with mic for laptop

Jabra Elite 45H is a popular product with maxmim number of positive rating available on the Amazon at a price tag of $99.9.


Jabra Elite 45H is an elegant stunning design headset holding nuemrous features inside. With its premium build, It consists of a soft lightweight earpads filled with a rubbery material inside that results in maintaining the comfort level.

The earpads manages to deliver a frequency ranging between 20Hz to 20kHz with a 40mm drivers. Being a wireless headset, the device only includes a USB-C charging cable that can be switched into the right earcup.

You will find various control buttons on the side panel of right earcup. These buttons includes the functionality for playback, and call managment alongside with volume adjustment and track navigation.

Yet, another isolated button located on the other end of the panel functions to mute or activating voice assistants. It can either be used to call upon the Siri on iOS devices or can be utilized in working with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

In addition, one more advance feature worth mentioning is the 2-microphone call technology. It enables user to make or take calls anytime.

The app called Jabra sound + allows the user to customize and adjust according to their need. Alongside, it also offers the feature known as MySound that functions in such a way observing and measuring your hearing and then establishing a listening profile based on the collected data.

You can also play around with the settings and can adjust them accordingly. You can access these settings whenever you connect the device, the settings will appear in the form of prompts. Other settings are also available, which can be accessed in the app.


Jabra Elite 45H provides a maximum support of power back-up. If it is fully charged, It can perform up to 50 hours, which way more on a single charge. But at the same time battery power depends on the volume levels, means the battery life can vary.

With its fastest charging capability, you can also take an advantage of getting 10 – 15 hours of battery life on a charge of only 15 minutes.

Regarding the sound quality, It is pure and easily understandable even with a low volume. Every adjustments you made in the settings, provides you the quality results.

The mic quality is very impressive with a strong signals. The sound is recorded in detail, even a low frequency responses can be catched easily and provides quality output results. Most of the times, the wireless headset lack in providing the quality output due to bluetooth distortion, but we have experience no such issue with this particular headset model of Jabra.


It is a Wireless headset and comes with only one accessory that is USB-C charging cable. It is uses a bluetooth connectivity as wireless medium.

Along with this, It also provides you the TP-link USB bluetooth adapter. In case, if your computer or laptop does’not support bluetooth, then a built-in 4.0 dongle receiver is available with this particular headset support on all version of Windows.

  • Compatible with Jabra Sound + App
  • Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Mic Quality is very good.
  • No ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)

3. Jabra Evolve2 30 Wired Headset

Jabra_Evolve2_30 headphones with mic for laptop

Jabra Evolve2 30 is a wired headset with an affordable price of $99. If you want to exeperience quality sound without any distortion, then Jabra Evolve2 30 is the best one at this price tag.


The headset has a perfect posture that comfortably get stick to the head and ears. The advanced design of this particular headset maintain the comfort level. If your the permanant user of headphone using it for a long period of time, you will feel no burden with its perfect designed.

It contains slim headbands made up of pure steel that provides premium feeling, beside this, elevate the comfort level due to its light weight.

The headset features 28mm drivers that let you stay away from the disturbance of noise along with its noise isolation function.

The earcups are perfectly angled consisting of memery foam inside the cushions that results in cancelling 48% of the noise around you.

It uses the 2-microphone call technology that provides awesome experience with 12% less background noise on calls.

The wired connection is one the right earcup with a long wire of USB-C type along with several buttons.

It is compatible with almost all communication platforms, especially certified by Microsoft Team including the dedicated Teams button for instant collaboration.


The headset really did awesome job when tested in the noisy places. The sound is clear and understandable even surrounded by extreme noise. It removes the background noise and as a result the sound is loud and clear.

Due to its wired connection, It has a strong frequency level that avoids the distortion on any level of volume.

Using the 2-microphone calls technology elevates the level of quality while communicating on Skype or any other platfrom. Offering the collaborative clear calls with 28mm speakers.

The recorded sound is clear with strong bass and pitch. No background sound can be heard in the recorded audio.


It comes with wired USB-C connection. Just plug in the head set into the USB port of your PC or laptop and you are all set to use.

Just make sure that all the USB ports are working well on your PC or laptop, so which one of the port you choose for plug in the USB-C cable should work.

  • Lightweight, Portable and comfortable design
  • 2-Microhphone call technology
  • Noise Isolation Design
  • No Bluetooth Option

4. Sony WHCH710N Wireless Headset

Sony_WHCH710N headphones with mic for laptop

Sony is a well known brand standing at the peak of success with a long struggled journey. One of the most reliable brand offers Wireless headset holding numerous features at a price tag of $198.


Sony WHCH710N has premium oval shaped design consisting of soft stuff on the earpads makes it more comfortable for ears. Wearing it for a long period of time, you will still feel no pressure on your Head and ears due to its light weight and flexible design.

Moreover, the headbands contains metal sliders that allows you to make a customizable perfect size where you can feel comfortable by using it for a long duration.

Therefore, if you are working or listening to music and Tv shows, It’s soft earpads will support you to maintain the comfort level.

The best part about the earcups is converting to flast positions enhancing the portability of the headset. After converting it to a flat position, you can easily adjust it in your bag. Wherever, you can carry it with you.

Another astonishing function you can experience with this particular headset model is connecting directly to smartphone ‘s voice assistant by just simply pressing the button available on the headset. Furthermore, you can do anything with the voice assitant accordingly such as listening to music or making calls whatever etc.


With its perfect design, Sony WHCH710N wireless headset also delivers quality performance. It consists of advance features such as AINC (Automatic Artificial Noise Cancellation) that functions incredibly.

Whenever you wear the headset and start to listening or communicating through microphone, the AINC functions begin to observe and analyze different components of sound surrounding you.

On the basis of collected results, It automatically choose and activates the most potent noise cancellation mode that avoids the surrounding sounds.

Above of that, Dual Noise sensor technology adds some extra quality and comfort level to the audio to make it more and more clear and understandable. Whether collaborating through mic or listening to something, you will find yourself lost in whatever you are hearing.

You can make a connection between different devices using the bluetooth, just simply turn ON the bluetooth device and let the device put aside such as phone and make or take calls with Sony WHCH710N freely without any distortion. You will experience the good sound quality.

You can also customize your sound with its feature known as Ambient Sound mode that let you provilige with the complete control of your hearing. Just turn it ON and you will get the maximum customization experience of your listening.

As for the battery, the headset consists of a Li-Ion battery that can provide you a long lasting power back-up support with a duration of up to 35 hours on a single charge which is pretty much good. It means you can utilitze the battery power for a long period of time while listening to music or involving in other listening or collaboration activity.

You can also get an advantage of instant power back-up of up to 60 minutes by just one a charge of 10 minutes.


It uses the bluetooth technology for connectivity medium with a maximum range of 10m along with the frequency range of 2.4 GHz.

The supported audio formats for this particular Sony WHCH710N are AAC and, SBC.

If your PC or laptop does’nt support bluetooth and you are using bluetooth dongle, then make sure that the latest version of drivers for the paricular dongle is being installed on your PC or laptop.

  • AINC Automatic (Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation) feature
  • Ultra-Comfortable design.
  • Buttons to access Ssmartphone voice assistant
  • Limited medium for connectivity (Only Bluetooth)

5. Presonus HD9 Headset

Presonus_HD9_Headset headphones with mic for laptop

Presonus HD9 Headset is an affordable headset with a price of $79 available on Amazon.


Presonus HD9 Headset is beautifully design headset. It is light in weight along with adjustable headbands maintaining the comfort level. It means you can utlitize this particular headset for long duration.

It’s circumaural acoustic design is way more effective than ordinary headset design resulting in keeping the sound inside the earcups. This way you can hear the sound loud and clear.

The earpads are very soft made filled with premium stuff inside that increases the comfort level. It consists of a two way mechanism for earcups, you can rotate the earcups up to an angle of 180 degree.

There is a long cable attached to the right earpad for connectivity that is of up to 10 foot (3m), therefore it can get you a free space to move around freely.

The extra accessory includes the storage bag.


With its 45mm dynamic neodymium drivers, you can get the quality results in terms of hearing. The sound is too clear and understandable avoiding the hearing tiredness.

It is capable of maintaining the frequency response of up to 10 Hz – 26 kHz. As a result, It can catch a low frequency responses accurately.

Due to its frequency range level, the bass response is too good. It can deliver you a clear sound on different volume levels without affecting the quality.


The connectivity medium includes the long cable of 10 foot (3m) with 1/8 inches connector. The connection is plug and play with precise frequency responses avoiding the distortion.

In addition, It includes gold plated adapter of up to 1/8 inches to 1/4 inches.

  • Light weight with adjustable headbands
  • Catch low frequency responses.
  • A bit large earpads

Buyers Guide

If you are comfortable using the headset while working on your laptop or PC or It might be a need of an hour. So, when it becomes the requirement for you. Why don’t look and search for the best available headset out there that can meet your requirements at an affordable price. Your one time proper investment can save you from buying the cheaper ones hundred of times. I would suggest to make a purchase of high-end headset, if it is the requirement of your daily routine tasks or office works.

Before making a purchase, you should take several things into account regarding the headset.



When purchasing a headset, you should take a look in detail on its design. Whether it’s design meed your requirements. Like, if you depends on the headset while working for a long period of times,

  • Is it designed ergonomically.
  • Maintaining the comfort level.
  • User-friendly.
  • Avoiding the hearing tiredness.


Performance is another important metrice, you should consider. If you are an online worker and spend a lot of times in listening or communicating with different peoples on different platforms using the headset.

In that particular case, you should consider the headset holding advance features like ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). Along with that, It should maintain the frequency responses in order to deliver the quality sound.


It depends on you whether you like the wireless or wired headset. If it comes to me, I would the combination of both. Because if your experience doesn’t go well with one of them, you can instantly switch to the other one.

The most important factor to choose the wired connection over the wireless is the precision in terms of response delivered by the wired connections.

As for the wireless connectivity, If the headset doesn’t contains the advance features that maintain the wireless connection stability, then is should be avoided.

In short, if you go for the wireless headset, It should contain the strong frequency rate along with wireless maximum range and the most important one, the AINC Automatic (Artificial Intelligence Active Noise Cancellation) feature.


The choice is all your’s. This review guide contains all the best with that can deliver the quality sound without any of the usual noise issues. Go through this complete guide and at the end come up with a strong decision about choosing the best one for purchase.

According to Editor’s choice, the best one in the list from all perspective is the Sony WHCH710N Wireless Headset. The rest depends on you.