Best Laptop Keyboard For Writers- Top 13 Best Keyboards in 2022 (Guide)

Want to shift from the built-in laptop keyboard to external portable Wired/Wireless keyboard? If you are willing to do so, then this is the article that will lead you to purchase one of the best laptop keyboard.

Simply, just spare a bit of time to take a deep dive into this article and find the keyboard that matches your requirements.

best keyboards for writers in 2022

Top 10 Best Laptop Wired/Wireless Keyboards For Writers Latest- 2022

1. Kensington Pro Fit Wired Comfort Keyboard (K72402US)

Kensington_Pro_Fit keyboard for writers 2021

If you are a professional writer and want to enhance your productivity level, then you should choose your tools wisely. Keyboard is the primary and the most important equipment for the writers.

Every writer does wish for the keyboard that is designed in a way to reduce the stress and maintain the comfort level. Because writers have to spend plenty of hours on writing the content, so they might need a support that could maintain their energy level which a perfectly designed ergonomic keyboard can provide.

Kensington Pro Fit Wired Comfort Keyboard (K72402US) has a perfect ergonomic design that provides a huge space to place your hand on it according to your comfort position.

It contains all the buttons that every keyboard have along with some extra multimedia control buttons at the top of it. The buttons are smooth and easy to use for a long period of time.

There are way more features like the keys on this keyboard are spill proof which means any kind of liquid being spilled accidentally cannot affect it.

You can also customize it to make a perfect posture according to your comfort position with the feet under it.

  • Spill-Proof Keys
  • Wired Connection
  • Compatible with Laptop and Desktop
  • Multi-Media control keys
  • Spill-Proof smooth Keys
  • Customizable to make a perfect posture
  • Requires a bit more space to adjust

2. Logitech K780 Wireless

Logitech_K780_Wireless keyboard for writers 2021

Logitech K780 wireless is a decent designed keyboard that hold tons of features. The design is perfect and can be easily adoptable by any writer in short time. All the keys are placed at the right spots with no complexity to find any of them while using it.

The keys are of circle shaped beautifully formed with quite nature. unlike the traditional keyboards, you will not be able to hear the keys stroking sound while typing. Moreover, you can smoothly type for long hours.

It can be easily adjustable anywhere due to its small compact design.

More about the Design:

A rubber like thing is integrated to it at the top level that can hold variety of smartphones and tablets with a perfect posture. So that, one could easily view the screen while typing.

What’s new there in the features!

It can be connected up to multiple devices at a time enhancing the multi-tasking. So, when you are about to use multiple devices, you can take advantage of connecting this keyboard up to three devices at a time.

In addition, you can switch between the devices instantly and easily with a matter of just pressing the button containing the easy switch function.

You can even get an access to more incredible features and customization’s by installing the Logitech Software. This particular software will show up with other options as well such as creating your own hotkey shortcuts or getting to know about the battery status.

  • Perfectly designed and easy to adjust anywhere
  • Battery Life Up to 24 months
  • Can be connected Up to three devices at a time
  • Rounded stroke keys enhance the typing experience and avoids making sound
  • Connected to multiple devices
  • Includes the rubber tray at top level for holding different smartphones and tablets
  • Power saving technology
  • Bit small in Size

3. Azio Retro Bluetooth Artisan

Azio_Retro_Bluetooth_Artisan keaybord for writers 2021

Azio Retro Bluetooth Artisan is a QWERTY keyboard that includes multiple connectivity medium such as Bluetooth, and USB. The design of this particular keyboard is very sophisticated that consists of a vintage style touch.

Moreover, the top layer of the keyboard is crafted by a pure leather that provides the premium feelings to grab the attention of user towards it. Along with this, the frame of the keyboard is made up of aluminum alloy that makes its design different from other traditional keyboards out there.

It consists of rounded mechanical backlit keys that provides cherish feelings and deliver the best typing experience followed by tactile feedback. Besides this, Keys are too smooth to handle the fast typing in order to contribute towards the productivity.

It comes with a wide range of compatibility, such as supports Windows or MacOS along with multiple connectivity medium that includes USB, and Wireless Bluetooth. Also, provides additional accessories for Mac users that are Macbook functions keycaps.

If you are comfortable using it wireless using the Bluetooth connectivity, It’s 5000 mAh battery can provide you enough power back-up that can last up to a year depending upon the usage.

On keyboard Backlit Off, the battery can last for up to near 1 year and on the other side with Backlit ON, it can give power back-up up to 2 months.

  • Vintage Retro Design
  • tactile Feedback
  • Equipped with Li-Ion 6000 mAh battery
  • Compatible with MacOS and Windows
  • Li-Ion 6000 mAh battery
  • tactile Feedback.
  • Wireless/Bluetooth
  • A bit complex design

4. ROCCAT RYOS MK PRO- Best Mechanical Keyboard For Writers

ROCCAT_RYOS_MK_PRO keyboard for writers 2021

Roccat RYOS MK Pro is a mechanical keyboard that includes a lot of features. With its stunning design, you will be able to type for many hours without feeling any tiredness. There are a lot of other function keys available on this keyboard. Moreover, It consists of media hub audio in/out along with two USB 2.0 ports.

In addition, It has got a feature called per-key illumination that offers a high range of customization possibilities. For the gamers, It comes with Cheery MX key switches in Black, Brown, Blue, and Red colors.

Furthermore, It is huge in size that will allow the user to conveniently utilize any of the keys while typing. In this way, it will also enhance the productivity level. A lot more and extra space is available at the bottom of the keyboard for putting the wrist on it to avoid stress.

  • More customization possibilities with per-key illumination.
  • Advanced Anti-ghosting.
  • Equipped with two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors along with 2 MB of flash memory.
  • N-Key Rollover
  • Two 32-Bit ARM Cortex Processors
  • Per-Key illumination
  • A bit big in size

A great choice for writers.

5. Microsoft Surface Keyboard- Best Keyboard For Writers

Microsoft_Surface_Keyboard for writers 2021

Microsoft Surface Keyboard is elegantly designed and equipped with soft keys. It will provide the best experience for writers avoiding the key stroking sound. But unlike the other mechanical keyboards with sturdy designs, you will find it more sophisticated in terms of design.

The build quality is premium that contributes towards the attraction and lets you build momentum to continue the typing.

The design is way too eye-catching that will let you stay stick to it and type for long hours. Although it doesn’t contain any extra space for wrist comfort, still comfortable in a low pace typing.

It is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and requires the host to support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher for connectivity. For power backup, It utilizes disposable batteries. A good branded battery can provide you the hours of battery life.

One thing, that is to be missed in this keyboard is the back-lighting. So, the users finding themselves more convenient to type with back-lighting should comprise for that particular feature.

Key Features
  • Slim design with Aluminum top
  • Bluetooth Wireless with long hours of battery life
  • Compatible with macOS, and other Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • Simple eye catching design
  • Wireless or Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS
  • No Backlit Keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard is one of the best options for writers.

6. Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard For Writers

Logitech_MX_Keys_advance_wireless_keyboard for writers 2021

Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is one of the top-ended MX keys keyboards out there. With its full-sized keys, you can more and more conveniently type with the fast pace precisely. Moreover, the keys provide satisfying feedback that well elevates the momentum and helps to increase the typing speed.

The design of this particular keyboard is very comfortable that leads to the best ergonomic design providing maximum comfort and stability.

Along with searching to find the best laptop for writers, you should also consider purchasing an advanced external portable keyboard for writing. So, considering Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard would be a better choice.

If you have to type for many hours, this Logitech keyboard with its embedded features would accompany you to the end delivering efficiency with its precise response.

Moreover, regarding the connectivity, It comes with an advanced feature that leads you to work on different devices and switch between them instantly. It can be connected to up to three devices and furthermore, you can switch between them with just a matter of a click. Not only this, but you can also type on multiple computers at the same time.

The other most important thing to be considered in wireless keyboards should the battery life. This keyboard comes with a powerful battery that can provide you hours of battery life. If you fully charge the battery can last up to 10 days. Or if you use the keyboard without the back-lighting, then it can last up to near 5 months.

This is one of the best choices for writers in 2022.

  • Automatic Backlighting
  • Can be connected Up to 3 Device at a time and easily switch between them
  • Type on multiple computers at the same time
  • Hours of Battery Life
  • Wide range of compatibilities such as with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android
  • Bluetooth or Wireless
  • Typing on multiple screens supported
  • Perfect Stroke Keys with Back-Lightning
  • Complex software

7. Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer_Huntsman_Elite keyboard for writers 2021

If someone is to be asked What is common between Writers and Gamers? What would be your answer?

If you ask me this question, my answer would be keyboard!

The keyboard is the most important piece of equipment for both of them. Both of them want ultra-fast with precise response keyboards that could be ergonomic and deliver the best typing experience with satisfying clicky feedback.

Razer Huntsman Elite Specs

Razer Huntsman Elite is one of the best gaming keyboards out there. It includes the advanced features that result in maximizing a fast response rate that is required for gamers as well as for writers too. Faster actuation with Razer Clicky optical switch and Razer Linear optical switch.

The design is very eye-catching, the top layer is covered with matte aluminum that provides premium feelings. In addition, based on the ergonomic structure, It also includes the Magnetic Wrist rest for maintaining the comfort level. Moreover, It is made up of plus leatherette to avoid stress on your wrist.

So, if you are on an assignment and required to type for long hours, then you can find this keyboard more comfortable than any other ergonomic traditional keyboard.

Alongside with keyboard, It can also function as a mouse with a small touchpad included in it which makes it a full-fledged combo.

The buttons on the keyboard are too smooth with high durability, Just a slight touch can trigger to execute the function with its advance Razer Switches. Unlike the traditional keyboards, the switches include the optical light sensor, on the press of a key, It gets to activate receiver by a light signal and as a result, deliver the fastest speed experience.

There are additional function buttons too included such as the several media control buttons located at the top right corner with big rounded shapes.

The RGB backlighting of this keyboard is ultra-awesome and you can also make the customization in it accordingly. There are tons of variations includes in RGB lightning.

It comes with wired connectivity.

Along with Gaming, I would also consider Razer Huntsman Elite one of the best keyboards for writers in 2022 as well.

Key Features
  • Comes with advanced Switches Clicky Optical Switch and Linear Optical Switch
  • joint Touchpad for mouse
  • Ergonomic Design with Magnetic Wrist Rest for maximizing comfort
  • Smooth Keys with high durability
  • Additional audio control function keys
  • Uses light based actuation with Razer Optical Switch
  • Ergonomic design with Magnetic Wrist rest
  • Macro Support
  • Multiple USB Ports for power (Required)

8. Logitech MK295 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo- Best Budgeted Keyboard For Writers

Logitech_MK295_Wireless_Mouse_Keyboard_Combo for writers 2021

Logitech is a well-known brand and popular for keyboards/mice and combo. When you are about to search for the best keyboard and Logitech name comes in front, then there is no other option left instead of choosing it.

Logitech MK295 Wireless is a full-sized keyboard with big square-shaped buttons. Convenient to use for typing and maximize the pace with its smooth nature.

There are several other keys defined as the shortcut keys that are located at the top of function keys. With a just matter of one click, you can have easy access to launch several apps, control media, and Power functions.

An isolated Numpad exists on the right side of the keyboard that can be well utilized by the data entry operators efficiently at a fast pace.

Satisfying clicky feedback with just a slight touch on the keys. Can perform well under heavy duties such as typing for plenty of hours.

Offers high durability with and spill-proof design. In addition, you can also make adjustments to the current height according to your comfort with the help of two legs underneath it.

You will also find the mouse as well with this keyboard as an additional accessory. Moreover, the connectivity medium includes a 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a USB receiver that ranges up to 10m.

Furthermore, It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, and Chrome OS.

The most important thing we consider in wireless devices is battery life. With this particular Logitech keyboard, you will get long battery life such as 36 months for the keyboard and 18 months for the mouse. Although Logitech MK295 Wireless uses a disposable battery, but still provides good battery life and furthermore depending on the quality of the battery brand.

Key Attributes
  • Spill-Proof Design with high durability keys
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Wireless with USB Receiver
  • Includes one-touch access to media, volume, internet, Gmail, and etc with several other functions keys located at the top.
  • Compatible with Chrome OS or Windows 10, and etc.
  • Keyboard/Mouse Combo
  • Spill-Proof Design
  • Huge battery life with 36 months for keyboard and 18 months for mouse
  • Limited Compatibility

9. SteelSeries Apex 64145- Best Budget Keyboard For Type Writing

SteelSeries_Apex_64145 keyboard for writers 2021

SteelSeries Apex 64145 is an ergonomically designed keyboard with a slightly big head and slim at the bottom that activates the perfect posture for the wrist and avoids stress. Moreover, It leads to maintaining the environment efficiently for typing.

Its eye-catching design and perfectly equipped buttons at the right spots will let you type fast conveniently with a good pace. If you are new to this design, It will take almost a day to become used to due to its user-friendliness.

There is much space between different categories of keys so that you can easily locate and use them at different instances according to the requirement.

Furthermore, It includes backlighting with different colors for a different set of keys available on it that overall enhances its beauty.

You will feel the next-level typing experience with its soft keys. Its precise and satisfying clicky feedback will help you increase your typing speed.

  • Loaded with a feature to create and store an unlimited number of profiles
  • Allows you to create unlimited macros
  • You can reconfigure or remap the buttons inputs completely
  • 20 anti-ghosting capable gaming keys with a matter of 6 simultaneous key presses
  • Elegant Design
  • Allows complete button remapping
  • Supports unlimited macro creations
  • A bit heavy from the top

10. Microsoft Sculpt- Premium Keyboard For Writing

Microsoft_Sculpt keyboard for writers 2021

Microsoft is always keen to deliver the best products to users with premium features. If you are a Microsoft product user, you will undoubtedly feel and observe explicit differences between Microsoft and other brand’s products.

Microsoft Sculpt is an advanced-level keyboard with a different and unique touch to its design that makes it remarkable for writing. It is based on the pure and perfect ergonomic format that will provide you the best and fast typing experience with comfort.

Its design has been focused primarily to elevate the comfort level. Got a split keyset design that offers a good posture to adjust the wrist and forearms in a natural and relaxed position. Its rounded and curved design also helps to nurture the natural position of the wrist.

In addition, to enhance the comfort and productivity more, It includes the cushioned palm rest of big size at the bottom to provide rest for the wrist. So that, one can easily work and type for long hours without feeling any stress on their forearms and wrist.

Besides this, It includes the isolated Numpad that can be utilized portability whenever it is required to use.

It also includes tactile switches that will help to boost the typing speed at a great pace.

Key Features
  • Rounded and curved ergonomic Design
  • Cushioned Palm Rest For Wrist
  • Split Keyset Design with tactile switches
  • Isolated portable NumPad
  • Ergonomic split key-set design
  • Includes cushioned palm rest.
  • Isolated Numpad
  • USB Dongle required for connectivity

11. Unicomp Classic 104- Best Keyboard For Traditional Writers

Unicomp_Classic_104 keyboard for writers 2021

UNicomp classic is one of the awesome best suitable keyboards for writers. It has enough resemblance with traditional typewriters. Furthermore, It has a classic design and consists of 104 keys. The keys are very smooth with high durability and satisfying clicky feedback.

You might hear a little bit of key stroking sound while typing on it, but it’s normal as this kind of key creates sound during typing. Unlike the traditional keyboards, you will feel and observe less key stroking sound.

It consists of a pure white and grey color buttons with a simple square design. Furthermore, you will find it more convenient to locate the keys during typing with its big size.

It comes with USB connectivity along with a 2m length of cable. Moreover, it is compatible with PC.

Key Attributes
  • Consists of 104 Keys with White and Grey colors
  • Support USB Connection
  • 2M cable Length
  • Classic design
  • Satisfying clicky feedback
  • Resemblance of buttons with traditional typewriter

12. Roccat Vulcan

Roccat_Vulcan keyboard for writers 2021

If you want to shift from your traditional keyboard and experience something unique to enhance your productivity level, then you might consider the Roccan Vulcan keyboard. It’s totally a different design with premium features.

While taking its design into account, you will notice many things different from any other keyboard out there. It is a mechanical keyboard consisting of explicit Roccan Titan Switches and a key-cap placed on its top. In addition, you can get the advantage of typing 20% faster than any other keyboards available out there. A wonderful design with an awesome RGB back-lighting feature.

It includes a 3.6MM Switch travel distance and a tactile key switch that ensures the best user experience on each keystroke with moderate noise.

It provides a lot of customization such as customizing the programmable keys accordingly. Moreover, it also allows the key remapping completely.

You will also find some extra multimedia control buttons along with the wheel located at the top right corner (above the Numpad). Those are the set of keys that will let you control the media such as controlling the volume and other media-related functionalities.

You can also make changes to the RGB back-lighting such as increasing or decreasing the light and etc. Furthermore, It comes with a 1000 Hz polling rate that provides a fast response rate and results in a precise typing experience.

Now, taking onto the connectivity, Roccan Vulcan consists of USB connectivity along with a 1.8M USB cable.

With Roccat Vulcan, you can elevate your typing skills to the next level. The best keyboard for writers in 2022, especially for the user’s who continuously write on regular basis.

Key Features
  • Unique design with RGB Back-lighting
  • Tactile Key switches
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • Comes with support for key remappable
  • USB Connectivity with 1.8M cable
  • Ergonomic Retro based design
  • Offers 1000Hz polling rate
  • Maximize the typing speed with Roccat Titan switches
  • Tactile feedback
  • Allow customization on programmable keys
  • Additional multi-media keys
  • could be more reasonable at price

13. Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Split Keyboard

Logitech_Ergo_K860_Wireless_Ergonomic_Keyboard for writers 2021

Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Split is a slim and smart keyboard with a unique curved design. It consists of soft keys placed in a curved shape to promote a good typing posture. Furthermore, also helps in reducing the strain on your wrist and forearms and results in maximizing the comfort level.

Another additional thing that is considered in this keyboard is the curved pillowed wrist rest. You will find this thing more productive as it avoids the wrist bending by 25% when you take a comparison with other keyboards out there without the palm rest.

The pillowed writs rest is based on three different functioned layers, that are (Strain resistant layer, High-Density Support Layer, and Memory Foam Comfort Layer) along with tilt-legs underneath it that allows you to make further adjustments accordingly to your comfort position.

While typing with this keyboard, you will feel an awesome experience provided by the perfect stroke keys included in it. Build perfectly to match the fingers and let you type easily and fast with a good pace , satisfying feedback with less noise. Also, allows making customization in FN Key functions.

You can take on typing for plenty of hours easily without feeling any tiredness. Logitech ERGO K860 is officially ergonomic approved.

It is wireless with a USB receiver or Bluetooth-supported keyboard with a maximum wireless range of up to 10M.

  • Ergonomic Curved Design
  • Curved Pillowed Wrist rest with adjustable tilt-legs
  • Curved equipped scooped keys
  • Wireless with USB Receiver or Bluetooth
  • Ergonomic design
  • Includes additional curved pillowed wrist rest with adjustable tilt-legs to maximize the comfort.
  • Wireless or Bluetooth
  • allow customization to FN Keys Function
  • Price could be more resonable

Buyers Guide

Writing is not an easy profession, you have to cope with different problems in order to deliver the quality content. In the current age, most of the writers do writing on the computer or laptops, so the keyboard is the primary equipment to utilize.

Being a writer, you should be more focused on choosing the right and best equipment (Keyboard). If you are not with the good supportive equipment, then there might be hell problems creating obstacles in your work.

Therefore, If you are a professional writer and want to buy the best keyboard, then you should consider few things about the keyboard that are necessary.


Design should be adoptable, user-friendly, and ergonomic, so that you could easily utilize it for plenty of hours without being tired.


You should consider a spill-proof, perfect stroke keys with satisfying clicky feedback buttons. The keyboard with soft buttons and tactile switches could more often lead you to provide the better typing experience. In addition, key stroking should create less noise.

Connectivity and Power Back-Ups

First of all, It should be the best option to choose the wired keyboard over a wireless or Bluetooth. But, if for some reasons, you choose the wireless or Bluetooth keyboard, then check the frequency rate and wireless range.

Another thing, that should be focused in wireless or Bluetooth keyboard is the power back-up. How much Battery power will you get on a each charge? The more the power back-up the more it leads to reliability and hassle free.


First of all, thanks for sparing a bit of time to consider this review based article. All the products considered in this article have outstanding performance in their space. Furthermore, It depends on your requirements, which one of them is best suitable for you and matches your requirements.

After reading this whole article to the end, you might have a clear view on differentiating your requirements and then matching it with them mentioned products.

At last, the choice is all yours, but at some instance if you decide to go on editors choice, then the Microsoft Sculpt is the best recommended keyboard from all perspectives for writers.