How To Clean Macbooks and Other Laptops Using Cleaning Kit?

Cleaning a laptop might be your daily routine tasks, that’s how your device could stay neat and clean. Unlike the laptop with dirty screen that could cause vision problem and prevent you from working for long hours. In this guide, you will learn how to clean your laptop without damaging it.

As usually, the laptops and other devices gets dirtier with time. Cleaning your laptops regularly is the best practice. As It can prevent your laptop from inner damage. Most of the times it gets heat up due to dusty particles that got into the hardware area.

While working for long hours seamlessly on your laptop requires neat and clean display without any stains, smudges, and traces of fingerprints. The dirty display can cause several issues such vision problems, you couldn’t be able to see the content clear on the screen. due to which it may result to eye-sight strain.

How To Clean your Macbook and Other Laptops?

Things that should be avoided while cleaning your laptops screen and its body are as follow:

  • Don’t use the low quality cloths for wiping on the laptop screen.
  • Keep away from excessive wiping on the laptop screen.
  • Never try to clean your laptop while it is ON.
  • Don’t use the dry cloth on the dirty screen and body of laptop, might cause streaks.
  • Not to directly apply cleaning spray on your laptop body.
  • Avoid excessive use of cleaning spray.
  • Prevent yourself from applying low quality cleaning sprays on laptop screen.
  • Don’t use other kind of highly effective types of sprays, and bleaches etc.
How To Clean Macbook using cleaning kit

Turn Off Your Laptop

Before starting the cleaning process, make sure to turn OFF your device completely. Take all the cables and switches that are connected.

Use the soft clean cloth

Make sure that the cloth you are using is neat and clean. Using the other types of cloth might damage your laptop screen and body with streaks.

Use Spray Cleaners Specifically Made For Notebooks

Make sure that the spray is branded, unlike the cheaper one with low quality liquid inside. Avoid applying the spray directly on your laptop screen. First apply it slightly on the cloth and then start wiping slowly and softly on your screen. Don’t do excessive wiping, as it may also lead to appear white spots on your screen.

If your screen is much dirtier and dusty and contains a lot of stains, dusty particles, and smudges, then try pure water to first remove the hard stains from your screen. Once, all the stains removed, then use the dry cloth to start drying your laptop screen quickly.

While using the spray, you should take care of the different opening areas. Don’t let the liquid passed into the open area could results into severe damage. Only spray on the area that is far away from your laptop air vents and different ports.

Use high quality soft brush for cleaning the keyboard area of your laptop. Use the brush at the edges and open area of the laptop to remove the dust particles. Brush is suitable for removing dust particles from these kind of areas.