Privacy Policy

Who we are ensures the privacy of an individual user. Spectators of this particular website will never face any issue regarding their privacy.

This statement is officially disclosed by website.

Personel Information

laptopchunks will never ask for the user personnel information. In case of if you ask any query and provide us the information that is mandatory in order to post questions in the comment.

In that particular situation, we will only consider the information for providing an answer to your query.


This section includes details and monitoring of users. It gives the traffic details to the owner of that website. It is just about to know the statistics of traffic on the website.

It tracks the user through IP address, Visiting URL, Referring URL, Country code, location, etc. But all these are invisible to the owner of the website, so this data cannot be accessed.


This module features functions that are concerned with ads running on the website for monetization. It manages to keep a record of the user interest regarding ads display.

The ads will be shown on the basis of the previous record of the user’s interest. There are many advertising agencies. Google AdSense is one of the major out there that subsidiary of Google Inc.


You will more often experience outbound links which in simple words is linking to other sites. After clicking on any of those external links in order to direct to other websites, our responsibility at that time will be over.

Once, you land on the other website, we will not be responsible for the services they are offering. Therefore, we recommend checking their privacy policy first.