Top 10 Best Laptop Stand For Neck Pain (2022)

The laptop is the basic requirement nowadays because of the daily innovation in technology. In order to stay alive in the technology era, you will need to have at least a laptop to maximize your information.

There is no age limit for using the laptop. Yes, but growing age demands high comfort level due to age factor.

Especially, for the peoples utilizing too much time in using a laptop causes neck pain. Due to which they feel uncomfortable resulting in the distraction of momentum for work.

It is really the disturbing moment that affects your motivation towards Work. In order to get rid of the neck pain and stay comfortable for long using the laptop.

It is highly recommended to use the laptop stands that are easy to adjust according to neck comfort level.

Here, we will recommend various laptop stands for neck pain that are one of the finest high quality products.

For further investigation and detail specs of the different laptop stands for neck pain, you should follow this article in order to find the best one for yourself.

Below Are The 10 Best Laptop Stand For Neck Pain (2022)

best laptop stand for neck pain in 2022

1): FLAGTOP Adjustable Laptop Stand


If you really want to use the professional level laptop stand, then consider the FlagTop stand. It can fulfil all your demands related to different factors of comfort zone.

It is made up of premium Aluminum material filled with a silver color that would look pretty with all the laptops of different colors.

It is easy to adjust on the table with a stable non-slip base. Anti-slip silicone pads are available in order to prevent the laptop from sliding.

It consists of adjustable holders so that you can easily adjust the angle accordingly that best suits your comfort level. The holders are strong enough that they cannot let the stand bend down

The structure of this particular laptop stand is made like that it cannot let the laptop heat up. There is enough open space to discharge the heat easily.

Regarding the size and dimensions, It comes in two variants. The 1 variant is compatible with standard laptop sizes 10-15.6 inches. The item dimension lies in LxWxH (9.8 x 2.3 x 1.5 inches).

The second variant falls in the category of 10-17 inches. The laptops with mentioned sizes would be perfectly-getting fit into the stand and the dimension for the second variants comprises LxWxH (11.42 x 9.5 x 2.56 inches).

The height flexibility goes up to 5.9 inches that result in reducing neck pain.

The best part about it has been designed portably within so users user can carry it easily to any place. You can fold it instantly in no time.

FLAGTOP Adjustable Laptop Stand Specifications
Compatible Laptops10-17 inches
MaterialPremium Aluminum
Item Dimensions (Variant 1)LxWxH (11.42 x 9.5 x 2.56)”
Item Dimensions (Variant 2)LxWxH (11.42 x 9.5 x 2.56)”
Height Flexibility5.9″
Weight Support9.97 Kilogram or 22 pounds

2): Twelve South Curve Laptop Stand


Twelve South is outstanding brand out there for a high-end professional laptops like Macbook’s. Also, supported for other laptops as well.

Twelve South curve is more than an ordinary adjustable stands available. It comes perfectly pre-adjusted considering the neck comfort level.

Design is super awesome, looks elegant with a premium metal. Gives a decent touch to your laptop with its metallic design. Grips are available on the both arms, therefore no chance of laptop sliding or slipping.

Working on the laptop for a long in wrong sitting direction can be result in neck pain. Also, affects and cause the sight disturbance. With this particular laptop stand, you can work tirelessly for long hours. It is designed in such a way, that you will be able to look straight at your screen. This can boost up your comfort level without causing any pain in your neck.

There is no risk of being broken, as curve is of single piece without any additional parts. So, in case, if it slips from your hand, then this single piece is strong enough to bear the pressure. We all want strong place where we can type easily on the laptop without being slipped.

By fixing your laptop on the curve also gives you the advantage of pairing external keyboard, mouse or screen with your laptop, elevating your comfort level and efficiency to the next level.

The Curve laptop stand comes in a compatibility with wide range, starting from 11 inches to 17 inches laptops.

Twelve South Curve Laptop Stand Specifications
ColorMatte Black, White
Compatible Laptops11-17 inches
Item Dimension LxWXH10×10.5×6 inches
Item Weights1.5 Pounds

3): VIOZON Laptop Stand


This particular laptop stand comes with a different design outside the box design and features. It can hold up to 17 inches laptop or monitors with a single arm, provides a best user experience.

So, if you are having issues with your neck or back and want some relief, then consider this product as the real savior. Having any laptop such as Apple MacBook, Surface Book, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Del, or whatever brand, It can hold up to 12-17 inches with a strong grip. No risk of dropping.

In addition, Viozon also offers an Extra Vesa plate that can be fixed in the arm of the stand to hold monitors up to 15-32 inches. It is strong enough to bear the strain. Besides this, The stand arm also allows you to rotate the arm up to 360 degrees,

Laptop stand should be more that just a stand, It could be adjustable according to user comfort level. Viozon laptop stand offers you the easy adjustment by just pushing the arm ups and down accordingly,

The material is of premium quality that meets the current fashion. Stunning design with elegant appearance including numerous features. It is made up of premium aluminum alloy. For the cable and wires, It consists of a cable management feature that let them get through the holes easily and neatly available in the arms of the stand.

In short, if you want to become more productive and work efficiently for long hours without bearing any strain on your neck or shoulders, then this product best suits you. You can adjust it according to your eye along with your body comfort level.

Viozen Laptop Stand Specifications
MaterialPremium Aluminum Alloy
Compatible Laptops12-17 inches
Compatible Monitors15-32 inches
Combo FeatureEasy to switch between laptop and monitor (EXTRA Vesa Plate to hold 15-32” monitors)
Maximum Arm height for Laptop16.5″
Maximum Arm height for Monitors16.9″

4): MACALLY Laptop Stand


If you want something different, elegant that provides exciting feelings and engages you? Yes, I am talking about the Macally laptop stand that is designed to perfectly matching around with a wide range of laptops from 10-17.3 inches.

If you are working in office or at home, this can be proved more efficient by its design. You can tirelessly work on laptop fitting it on Macally ergonomic stand for long hours. It provides you the maximum comfort level by elevating your laptop by 6 inches.

Therefore, most often issue with laptop users such as neck pain or shoulder strain can be handled easily with Macally ergonomic stand. You can look straight at your laptop screen that results in preventing eyesight disturbance, neck pain, and strain on the shoulders.

No overheating issue while using the laptop for a long, as it provides enough open space to absorb the heat and allow the natural air ventilation to pass by. You can put your keyboard and mouse under the stand where huge space is available for them in order to let you stay the things and table organized.

No risk of begin dropping due to slipping or sliding of the laptop, as the Macally got non-slip pads and a strong grip on its edges to hold the laptop tightly. As a result, it prevents the laptops from slipping.

MACALLY Laptop Stand Specifications
Product Dimension LxWxH13.9 x 2.1 x 7.4 inches
Weight in Pounds1.62

5): NASUM Laptop Stand


This ergonomic multi-angle laptop stand doesn’t let you stretch your body while using the laptop which causes results in shoulder strain or neck pain.

It is elegantly designed made up of premium aluminum alloy and sturdy enough to hold up to 10 KG of weight. You can set it up on the table and placing the laptop on it, the item ensure the stability as it includes the four slide-proof silicon pads a the bottom.

Along with its stunning design, this ergonomic laptop holder also provides the perfect angle view. So, best for the users who are suffering from neck pain. Considering your sitting position and sight level, you can adjust its height from 1.35″ to 13.8″. Resulting in reducing neck pain and maintaining eye comfort.

It will not leave you behind with its flexible design, as it is portable. So, wherever you want to go, you can carry it with you or put it in the due to its flexible nature. It can be easily foldable and converted into a flat piece.

As of the compatibility, It supports all the laptop models that comes with 10-17.3 inches. The item can be well utilized in offices, homes, and meetings etc. It is not just limited to hold laptops, you can also place projector, books, and tablets etc.

NASUM Laptop Stand Specifications
BuildAluminum Alloy
Adjustable Height1.35″-13.8″
Compatible Laptops10-17.3 inches

6): NULAXY Laptop Stand


Spending a lot of time working on a laptop requires the perfect match that can enhance productivity. If you are looking for a laptop stand that perfectly matches your comfort level, then the NULAXY laptop stand could be proved the best one for you.

It comes with a simple design but attractive and adaptable in a professional environment like Offices, meetings, and many other occasions.

It consists of two arms that have the base at the bottom plate and support for the top plate to maintain the sturdiness. Therefore, you can easily place a laptop on it without being worried about dropping it. To hold the laptop tighlty, silicon pads are present that prevent it from sliding and furthermore scratches.

NULAXY ergonomic laptop stands for neck pain allows you to elevate your laptop up to the position that fits your posture so that you could comfortably work for many hours without any pain. You can adjust your laptop up to the height of 3.15-10.6 inches. It would be a real comfort zone when you are able to look straight at your laptop screen without any stretching that causes neck pain.

Furthermore, It is made up of Aluminum alloy that manages to ventilate the heat of the laptop and let it maintain the normal temperature. Moreover, ca hold laptops up to 44 lbs.

It comes in support for all the laptop models that comprise 11-17 inches. The item guarantees stability for the laptops that are in the range of the mentioned sizes.

NULAXY Laptop Stand Specifications
BuildAluminum, Rubber
Compatible Laptops11-17 inches
Product Weight38 Ounces
Adjustable height3.15-10.6 inches

7): AMAZON BASICS Laptop stand


You can get more out of this laptop stand. Amazon Basics laptop stand is more than just a laptop stand. It comes with numerous features such as portability, a cooling pad, and an adjustable laptop stand.

If you want such features all-in-one item, then Amazon Basics is the right one for you. You can adjust it easily to the position where you are comfortable using the laptop. Helps in reducing neck pain or shoulder strain. A perfect partner for your laptop.

It comes in black color made up of durable Aluminum. Pretty much flexible design with two folding legs that can be adjusted accordingly in order for positioning the laptop. Furthermore, It consists of lock management by using which you can lock the legs in a particular position after the adjustment according to your comfort.

It can be easily adjusted on the table accordingly and you can use your laptop comfortably either by standing or sitting. Moreover, a USB cable is included for using the cooling pad in order to prevent the overheating of the laptop.

so that, it can be easily stored in the laptop bag to become portable. This item is compatible with all laptop models.

AMAZON BASICS Laptop Stand Specifications
BrandAmazon Basics
Dimensions LxWxH19.09 x 10.83 x 2.36 inches
weight in Pounds3.09
CompatibilityAll Laptop Models

8): GRIFFIN Laptop Stand


Another laptop stand in town introduced by Griffin Tech helps you maintaining your momentum towards work. Customizing your workspace with its elegant design and a lot more to add extra comfort to your body.

With the help of this single-piece entity, you can make your workspace like a desktop environment. Sounds good! Yes, It is possible with the Griffin Laptop stand. It let you elevate your laptop up to the height of 5.5 inches. You can enjoy desktop-like feelings while placing your laptop on the stand and using the external mouse and keyboard.

Furthermore, you can adjust your laptop and position according to your eye comfort level. Also, helps in preventing neck pain and strain on the shoulders. You can get more out of this particular laptop stand. It also keeps the cool by its open design. From the all the sides in 360 degree, the air circulates all over the laptop that results in keeping it cool.

It has also got the pairs on the edge of the arms that holds the laptop tightly. Preventing it from shaking and sliding.

The best part of Griffin laptop stand is its portability. While finishing off your work, you can instantly get it dissemble and place it in your laptop bag. You can take it easily to everywhere.

Compatible with most of the laptops available out there, Like MacBook’s, and Windows laptops.

GRIFFIN Laptop Stand Specifications
ColorSpace Grey
Produce Dimension LxWxH6.22 x 10.98 x 1.61 inches
Item Weight in KG0.25

9): EPN Laptop Stand


EPN laptop stand comes with a stunning design along with a wide range of features. A budgetary laptop stand that adds extra productivity to your working hours.

The attractive and eye-catching design feels premium. A perfect match for a laptop that maintains the momentum towards work. It causes an effective customization in your workstation.

This laptop stand has a perfect adjustment system. The user can adjust the laptop placed on the stand up accordingly in order to obtain the maximum comfort level. Furthermore, results in avoiding the neck pain and shoulder strain.

It is made up of Aluminum alloy with pure silver color. Provides a strong and stable support in order to hold the laptop. it can hold up to 44 lbs. The silicon pads at the bottom keeps it from sliding or shaking. Pair of hooks is also available on the stand in order to protect your laptop from sliding off.

The stand includes a ventilation system that keeps your laptop cool by discharging the heat. It consists open spaces in the form of several lines at the top plate, releasing the heat generated by the laptop easily through it.

It is compatible with all the laptop models that exist in the range of 11-17.3 inches.

EPN Laptop Stand Specifications
BuildAluminum Alloy
Weight Support44 lbs
Compatible Laptops11-17.3 inches

10): SHELCON Laptop Stand


If you want light weight, single piece laptop stand that can be install and dissemble instantly, then SHELCON Laptop stand is here to serve you with such features.

This particular laptop stand comes with a special design to serve more than just a laptop stand. Its portable design lets you carry it easily. it is made up of strong material in order to hold laptops with different weights up to 13 lbs. You can expand and compress its arms accrodingly.

It allows you to adjust the laptop with it to at the position where you feel more comfortable and energetic. You can elevate your laptop up to the maximum height of 5.2 inches. it keeps protecting your laptop from shaking and sliding in order to avoid scratches. provides a maximum level of stability and durability.

It can be easily installed anywhere you want, along with that you can instantly disassemble in order to put it in the small pouch. As of the dissembling, It becomes a single-piece stick that can be easily adjusted in the pouch.

With its open design, it allows the maximum level of air ventilation. So that, the air can circulate around the laptop from 360 degrees in order to prevent it from overheating by keeping it cool.

SHELCON Laptop stand for neck pain comes in support for all the laptop models that are in the range of 11-17 inches.

SHELCON Laptop Stand Specifications
Weight Support13 lbs
Height Lift (Max)5.2 inches
Laptop Compatibility11-17 inches


All the above aforementioned laptop stands are one of the finest items for neck pain. You can simply choose one from the list in order to make your working environment more elegant and productive.

Also, to gain the comfort level needed to work for many hours with full energy.